Metabolism is a defining feature ofall living organisms without exception. Isolated metabolic reactions in vitro are not living things but surely living reactions. Comment.

Metabolism is the sum of ail synthesing (anabolic) and breaking down (catabolic) reactions. These are highly specific and enzymatically controlled reactions, which take place inside all the individual cells of unicellular or multicellular organisms.
These are infactthe basis oflife. These reactions help organism to grow, reproduce, maintain
their steady state and respondto stimuli, It can be understood by taking example of digestion.
All organisms need nutrition in the form offood, whichis digested by metabolic reactions
either intracellularly or extracellularly depending upon the type of organisms. So, all
reactions which help the organisms to breakdown food molecules and then assimilate them
for their growth and reproduction are metabolic reactions.
Few reactions may be performed outside the cells, under controlled conditions, Chemical
reactions usually involve specific set of conditions to take place. All biological reactions are
highly specific, selective and are enzyme catalysed.