What is the difference between flora, fauna and vegetation? Eichhornia crassipes is called as an exotic species, while Rauwolfia serpentina is an endemic species in India. What do these terms exotic and endemic refer to?

The difference between flora, fauna and vegetation are as below




Flora is a plant life occurring  in a particular region or time, generally the naturally occurring indigenous native | . used for a plant forms, plant life.

Fauna is total number of animals found in a particular region at particular time.

 It refers to the plant forms of region. It is  broad and general term used for a plant forms,  which does not include particular taxa or any botanical characteristics.

The terms exotic and endemic refers to

                     Exotic  species

                   Endemic  species

Any species of a plant living in any other place except its native place is said to be exotic species.

eg., Eichhornia crassipes is native of Amazonian basin but it was introduced in India, so it is a exotic species in India.

Endemic species are restricted to a particular area, e.g, Rauwolfia serpentine is found only in India, so it is an endemic species found only in India.