11. Illustrate the taxonomical hierarchy with suitable examples of a plant and an animal.

The arrangement of various taxa in a hierarchical order is called taxonomic hierarchy. In this hierarchy, species is present at the lowest level whereas kingdom is present at the highest level.

Classification of a plant
As an example, let us classify Solanum melongena (Brinjal).
Kingdom – Plantae
Division – Angiospermae
Class – Dicotyledonae
Order – Solanales
Family – Solanaceae
Genus – Solanum
Species – melongena

Classification of an animal
As an example, let us classify Columba livia (Blue rock Dove).
Kingdom – Animalia
Phylum – Chordata
Class – Aves
Order – Columbiformes
Family – Columbidae
Genus – Columba
Species – livia