9.11 Draw all the isomers (geometrical and optical) of:

(i) [CoCl2(en)2]+           (ii) [Co(NH3)Cl(en)2]2+      

(iii) [Co(NH3)2Cl2(en)]+

[CoCl2(en)2]+ show both geometrical and optical isomerism. It has two geometrical isomers and cis isomer is optically active. Thus, total it has 3 isomers. 

The geometrical isomers of 
[CoCl2(en)2]+ is as follows:

And cis form is optically active. The structures are as follows:

In total, three isomers are possible.

[Co(NH3)Cl(en)2]2+ also shows geometrical isomerism and its cis form is optically active but the trans form does not because of symmetry. 

The geometrical isomers structure are as follows:

The cis form is optically active and the structure is as follows:
Trans-isomers are optically inactive due to symmetry. The total isomer is three.

For [Co(NH3)2Cl2(en)]+, the possible optical isomers are as follows: