Explain why Fe(H20)63+ has magnetic moment value of 5.92 BM whereas

Fe(CN)63- has a value of only 1.74 BM?

Ans/.       As we know   μm=n(n+2BMWhere,    μ=magnetic momentit               μ=number of unpaired electronsand     μ=1.74 i.e., n=1μ=5.92 i.e., n=5

Fe(CN)63-involves d2sp3hybridisation with one unpaired electron (as shown by its

magnetic moment 1.74 BM) and Fe(H20)63+involves sp3d2hybridisation with five

unpaired electrons (because magnetic moment equal to 6.92 BM)

CN- is stronger ligand than H2,O according to specttochemical series.0>P for CN-hence,

fourth electron will pair itself, Whereas for water pairing will not happen for Fe(CN)63- the

electronic configuration of Fe3+ is

One unpaired electron 

For Fe(H2O)63+ the electronic configuration of Fe3+ is 

Five unpaired electron 

Hence, Fe(CN)63- and Fe(H2O)63+ are inner obital an douter orbital complex respectively