Match the properties given in Column I with the metals given in Column II and mark the appropriate answer. 

Column I (Property)

Column II (Metal)

A. Element with highest second ionisation enthalpy

i. Co

ii. Cr

B. Element with highest third ionisation enthalpy

iii. Cu

C. M in M(CO)6 is

iv. Zn

D. Element with highest heat of atomisation

 v. Ni

1.  A = v; B = ii; C = i; D = iv
2. A = iv; B = ii; C = i; D = v
3. A = iii; B = iv; C = ii; D = v
4. A = ii; B = iv; C = iii; D = v

Hint: Zn has the third highest ionization energy

A. Cu+=3d10  which is a very stable configuration due to fully-filled orbitals. Hence, the removal of the second electron requires very high energy. The ionization values For Cu are
as follows:

\(\Delta H_{1} \ and \ \Delta H_{2}\) are 745 kJ mol-1 and 1958 kJ mol-1

B.  Zn2+=3d10 which is a very stable configuration. Hence, the removal of the third electron requires very high energy. 

The ionization values of Zn are as follows:

\(\Delta H_{1} \ \Delta H_{2} \ and \ \Delta H_{3}\) are 906 kJ mol-1, 1734 kJ mol-1, and 3837 kJ mol-1
C. Metal carbonyl with formula M(CO)6 is Cr(CO)6 
D. Nickel is the element with the highest heat of atomization. 

The values are as follows:
Co = 425 kJ mol-1
Cr = 397 kJ mol-1 
Ni = 430 kJ mol-1
Zn = 126 kJ mol-1
Cu = 339 kJ mol-1

Hence, option third is the correct answer.