Match the species given in Column I with the hybridisation given in Column II.

A. Boron in [B(OH)4]-

i. sp2

B. Aluminium in [Al(H2O)6]3+

ii. sp3

C. Carbon in Buckminsterfullerene

iii. sp3d2

D. Germanium in [GeCl6]2-


          A          B          C           D       

1.      ii             iii         i             iii

2.     i            i           iii           ii

3.     iii            ii         ii            i

4.    i           iii            ii             iii

Hint:  The hybridization of boron in [ B(OH)4 ]-
A. The hybridization of Boron in [B(OH)4]-  is sp3 hybridised.
B. The hybridization of aluminium in [Al(H2O)6]3+ is sp3d2 hybridised.
C. The hybridization of carbon in Buckminster fullerene  is sp2 hybridised.The fourth electron remains free and responsible for its conductivity .NanoInfo : Smart Materials
D. The hybridization of germanium in [GeCl6]2- is sp3d2 hybridised.