Cement, the important building material is a mixture of oxides of several elements. Besides calcium, iron, and sulphur oxides of elements of which of the group(s) are present in the mixture?

1. Group 2

2. Groups 2, 13, and 14

3. Groups 2, and 13

4. Groups 2, and 14



Hint: Magnesium oxide, aluminum, and silicon oxide is present in cement

Cement is a product obtained by combining a material rich in lime.
CaO with other materials like clay which contains silica SiO2 along with the oxides of aluminum, iron, and magnesium. The average composition of Portland cement is
CaO (50-60%)SiO2 (20-25%)Al2O3 (5-10%)Fe2O3 (1-2%)SO2 (1-2%MgO (2-3%)
Thus, it contains elements of group 2 (Ca), group 13 (Al) and group 14 (Si).