If a trivalent atom replaces a few silicon atoms in three dimensional network of a silicon dioxide, what would be the type of charge on overall structure?

The structure of SiO2 crystal is as
When some Si-atoms are replaced by trivalent impurity, holes are created, which equivalent to positive charge. These holes make the crystal structure as conductor electricity.
Since, the crystals on the whole are always electrically neutral, the obtained crystal is a electrically neutral.
An electron from a neighbouring atom can come and fill the electron hole, but in doing so would leave an electron hole at its original position. If it happens, it would appear as if an electron hole has moved in the direction opposite to that of the electron that filled it.
Under the influence of electric field, electrons would move towards the positively charged plate through electronic holes, but it would appear as if electron holes are positively charged and are moving towards negatively charged plate. This type of semiconductors are called p-type semiconductors.