Match the elements given in Column I with the color they impart to the flame given in Column II.

Column I

Column II

A. Cs

1. Apple green

B. Sr

2. Blue

C. Ba

3. Brick red

D. Ca

4. Crimson red


Options:  A   B   C   D 
1.  1  4 2 3
2.  2 4 1 3
3. 1 4 3 2
4. 4 1 3 2


Hint: Flame test
Elements with the characteristic flame colour are as follows:
A. Cs-Blue
B. Na-Yellow
C. K-Violet
D. Ca-Brick red
E. Sr-Crimson red
F. Ba-Apple green
Flame colours are produced from the movement of the electrons in the metal ions present in the compounds. This movement of electrons (electronic excitation) requires energy.
Each atom has a particular energy gap between the ground and excited energy level therefore each of these movements involves a specific amount of energy emitted as light energy, and each corresponds to a particular colour.
As we know energy gap between the ground and excited-state energy level increases the wavelength of decreases and the complementary colour is observed as a result.