Match the compounds given in Column I with their uses mentioned in Column II.

Column I

Column II

A. CaCO3

1. Dentistry, ornamental work

B. Ca(OH)2

2. Manufacture of sodium carbonate from caustic soda

C. CaO

3. Manufacture of high-quality papers

D. CaSO4

4. Used in whitewashing


          A          B          C           D

1.       3          4          2           1

2.       1          2           3           4

3.       1          4           3           2

4.       4          1           3           2


Hint: Ca(OH)2 used in whitewashing
A. CaCO3 is extensively used in the manufacture of high quality. It is also used as an antacid, mild abrasive in toothpaste, a constituent of chewing gum, and a filler in cosmetics.

B. Ca(OH)2→It is used in whitewash due to its disinfectant nature.
C. CaO→It is used in the manufacture of sodium carbonate from caustic soda.
D. CaSO4→It is also employed in dentistry, in ornamental work, and for making casts of statues and busts.