The largest oxidation number exhibited by an element depends on its electronic configuration. With which of the following electronic configurations will the element exhibit the largest oxidation number?

1. 3d14s2

2. 3d34s2

3. 3d54s1

4. 3d54s2

Hint: In case of d block elements, both (n-1)d and ns orbital electrons participate in bond formation
Highest oxidation number of any transition element = (n-1)d electrons + ns electrons.
Therefore, large the number of electrons in the 3d-orbitals, higher is the maximum oxidation.
(1) 3d14s2=3
(2) 3d34s2=3+2=5
(3) 3d54s1=5+1=6
(4) 3d54s2=5+2=7
Thus, option (4) is correct.