7.69 Equal volumes of 0.002 M solutions of sodium iodate and cupric chlorate are mixed together. Will it lead to precipitation of copper iodate? (For cupric iodate
sp = 7.4 × 10–8 ).

When equal volumes of sodium iodate and cupric chlorate solutions are mixed together, then the molar concentrations of both solutions are reduced to half i.e., 0.001 M. Then,

Na103  Na+  + 103-0.001M              0.001MCuClO32      Cu2+   +  2ClO3-0.001M                        0.001M

Now the solubility equilibrium for copper iodate can be written as:

Cu1032    Cu2-aq + 2103-aq

Ionic product of copper iodate:


Since the ionic product 1×10-9 is less than Ksp7.4×10-8, precipitation will not occur.