7.14 One mole of H2O and one mole of CO are taken in 10 L vessel and heated to
5 K. At equilibrium 40% of water (by mass) reacts with CO according to the equation,

H2O (g) + CO (g) H2 (g) + CO2 (g)

Calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction.

The given reaction is:
                             H2Og       +    COg     H2g   +    CO2gInitial conc.         110M                 110M             0                  0At equilibrium      1-0.410M         1-0.410M        0.410M        0.410M                             =0.06M           =0.06M        =0.04M     =0.04M
Therefore, the equilibrium constant for the reaction,
Therefore, the equilibrium constant for the reaction,                             Kc=H2CO2H2OCO                                 =0.04×0.040.06×0.06                                 =0.444approximately