NEET 2020 | Tips - How to Prepare for NEET | 10 important tips to crack NEET

Dos and Don’ts while preparing for NEET

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET is one of the most competitive exams in India and one of the biggest exams for the Medical student to get admission in some of the Top Medical colleges like AIIMS etc.

Every year lot of students have been preparing for long to make their dream a reality and all they need is accurate NEET syllabus to prepare. NEET Syllabus is divided into four subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Students need to complete all the 97 chapters of NEET Syllabus in order to score good rank in NEET Exam. Also, it is important to know the steps to register for NEET application formAspirants of NEET seeking admission at the undergraduate level are advised to check the eligibility criteria of NEET.

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Every year more than ten lakh students appear for NEET Exam but how to know which college is good for you. A right college involves a number of factors such as college fees, location, facilities, exposure and placements.

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Every medical student is preparing for NEET these days. Some of them are very focused and some of them are enjoying their life, but with everything, there is a slight difference between good and bad, right and wrong, do and don’t. Today, we will be discussing some Dos and Don’t while preparing for NEET.


  1. NCERT is your best friend:

The student usually makes a stack pile of books and mugging them like anything but they never consider NCERT as a great option while preparing for NEET. Believe me, if you want to score really good marks, Finish up NCERT on the first place.

  1. Take tests:

Tests are an ultimate way to find your spot in the crowd. Over 12 lakh student appear for NEET every year. You must know your spot between them. Test series also allows you to analyze your mistakes and let you find the key points where you have to make some extra effort. You must have a day for your test in your weekly schedule. The best way to enroll yourself in some test series is to purchase an online test series, which will also help you to get a glimpse of NEET paper. As per my advice, Test series is a must if you are preparing for NEET 2019.

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  1. Make Proper Schedule:  

Students always complain to me about their schedule, they always ask that they can’t follow up on their schedule due to multiple factors. The only solution to this problem is making a quasi-rigid timetable ( It must be rigid but you can change this according to your condition ).

One more thing, Students always ask me to make their schedule which is absolutely wrong, because I don’t know your personal life, your daily activities and can’t fill them up in the schedule and you will face difficulty while following my schedule.

My Suggestion: Make your own schedule and follow it like your religion. I can still guide you how to make a timetable.

  1. Take Rest:

Scheduling reminds me of Rest, Students always draft their timetable with zero resting hours, this is another reason why you can’t follow this. Take proper rest so that your mind and body can remain active and your learning capacity will be at your peak.


  1. Believe in Technology:

It’s 21st century and technology has evolved so much that you can’t even imagine. Now you can watch thousand of lecture over youtube for Free, or you can purchase any online coaching and study with the Top teachers right from your bedroom or even from your dining table.

Smartphones are an amazing piece of invention and you can achieve a lot more with them by just downloading a couple of Educational Application to your phone.

For those who always complain that they are from small town or cities where they can’t find good teachers and study material, the internet must be your best friend and you can find the best faculty, material and test series over there to help you prepare for NEET.  


  1. Stack Pile Books:

I saw student purchasing “n” number of books and never read a single one. Some of the students even mug up on every single book. But, believe me, both the cases are not good. First of all, you are wasting a lot of money and second of all, you will get confused and waste an ample amount of time which you can use it for your neet preparation. Choose 1 or 2 good books along with your NCERT and finish them properly. This is enough to get 600+ in your NEET 2019.

  1. Too many mentors:

Student often finds themselves following many mentors and ended up being frustrated with the conflicting learning. Every mentor is good enough to shape your future, that why he is a mentor - must follow 1 or 2 mentors per subject and this is it. It’s more than what you seek for an assist while preparing for NEET 2019.

  1. Ignoring Health:

Students usually ignore this factor. But you can’t study or focus when you are not healthy. 1 day of sickness usually destroys a week of preparation. Along with this your recovery also takes time to take proper rest, stay healthy and shield yourself from any bacteria and viruses.

Compete with Sharma Ji Ka Ladka:

This is another factor which usually makes students unmotivated and distracted from their study. They try to compete with an exceptionally amazing student and doing so waste a lot of time. Instead of having cold grudges, speak to him ask him about your doubt take his advice and learn from him. Have some healthy competition but never have some grudges with him or her.

So, these were a couple of Dos and Don’ts you must consider while preparing for NEET. These are some most common and most effective things which can change your score drastically.