NEET Practice Questions - Zoology - Digestion and Absorption

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    Digestion and Absorption

Select the correct match of the digested products in humans given in column I with their absorption site and mechanism in column II. 

            Column I                                   Column II

(a) Glycine and glucose            Small intestine and active absorption

(b) Fructose and Na+               Small intestine passive absorption

(c) Glycerol and fatty acids       Duodenum and move as chilomicrons

(d) Cholesterol and maltose      Large intestine and active absorption

Epithelial cells of the intestine involved in food absorption have on their surface

(a) pinocytic vesicles

(b) phagocytic vesicles

(c) zymogen granules

(d) microvilli

A young infant may be feeding entirely on mother's milk, which is white in colour but the stools, which the infant passes out is quite yellowish. What is this yellow colour due to ? 

(a) Intestinal juice

(b) Bile pigments passed through bile juice

(c) Ungigested milk protein casein

(d) Pancreatic juice poured into duodenum

A dental disease characterised by moltting of teeth is due to the presence of a certain chemical element in drinking water. Which of the following is that element? 

(a) Mercury

(b) Chlorine

(c) Fluorine

(d) Boron

Anxiety and eating spicy food together in an otherwise normal human, may lead to  
(a) indigestion
(b) jaundice
(c) diarrhoea
(d) vomiting

Two friends are eating together on a dining table. One of them suddenly starts coughing while swallowing some food. This coughing would have been due to improper movement of 

(a) diaphragm

(b) neck

(c) tongue

(d) epiglottis

Which one of the following is a protein deficiency disease?

(a) Eczema

(b) Cirrhosis

(c) Kwashiorkor

(d) Night blindness

In frog, the surface of attachment of tongue is 

(a) sphenoid

(b) palatine

(c) pterygoid

(d) hyoid apparatus

For person suffering from high blood cholesterol, the physicians recommend 

(a) pure 'deshi ghee' or butter

(b) vegetable oil such as ground nut oil

(c) red meat with layers of fats

(d) vanaspati margarine

Rennin acts on

(a) milk changing casein into calcium paracaseinate at 7.2 - 8.2 pH

(b) protein in stomach

(c) fat in intestine

(d) milk changing casein into calcium paracaseinate at 1-3 pH