NEET Practice Questions - Botany - Microbes in Human Welfare

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    Microbes in Human Welfare

Microorganisms are used during which stage of the purification of the sewage water?

(1) Primary treatment

(2) Secondary treatment

(3) Tertiary treatment

(4) Both (1) and (2)

Big holes in Swiss cheese are made by a:

(1) a machine

(2) a bacterium that produces methane gas

(3) a bacterium producing a large amount of carbon dioxide

(4) a fungus that releases a lot of gases during its metabolic activites.

Match the items in column 'A' and Column 'B' and choose correct answer. 


Column A


Column B


Lady Bird


Menthano bacterium






Biological control      







The correct answer is:

(1) (i) - b, (ii) - d, (iii) - c, (iv) - a

(2) (i) - c, (ii) - d, (iii) - b, (iv) - a

(3) (i) - d, (ii) - a, (iii) - b, (iv) - c

(4) (i) - c, (ii) - b, (iii) - a, (iv) - d

Match the following list of bioactive substances and their roles:


Bioactive substance  






Removal of oil stains




Removal of clots from blood vessels




Lowering of blood cholesterol




Immuno-suppressive agent

Choose the correct match:

(1) (i) - b, (ii) - c, (iii) - a, (iv) - d

(2) (i) - d, (ii) - b, (iii) - a, (iv) - c

(3) (i) - d, (ii) - a, (iii) - d, (iv) - c

(4) (i) - c, (ii) - d, (iii) - b, (iv) - a

The vitamin whose content increases following the conversion of milk into curd by lactic acid bacteria is:

(1) Vitamin C

(2) Vitamin D

(3) Vitamin B12

(4) Vitamin E

Which one of the following alcoholic drinks is produced without distillation?

(1) Wine

(2) Whisky

(3) Rum

(4) Brandy

Match the following list of bacteria and their commercially important products:






Aspergullus niger


Lactic acid


Acetobacter aceti


Butyric acid


Clostridium Butylicum   


Acetic acid




Citric Acid

Choose the correct match:

(1) (i) - b, (ii) - c, (iii) - d, (iv) - a

(2) (i) - b, (ii) - d, (iii) - c, (iv) - a

(3) (i) - d, (ii) - c, (iii) - b, (iv) - a

(4) (i) - d, (ii) - a, (iii) - c, (iv) - b

The residue left after methane production from cattle dung is:

(1) burnt

(2) burried in land fills

(3) used as manure

(3) used in civil construction

BOD of waste water is estimated by measuring the amount of:

(1) total inorganic matter

(2) biodegradable organic matter

(3) oxygen evolution

(4) oxygen consumption.

The free-living fungus Trichoderma can be used for:

(1) killing insects

(2) biological control of plant diseases

(3) controlling butterfly caterpillars

(4) producing antibiotics