NEET Practice Questions - Botany - Plant Growth and Development

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    Plant Growth and Development

Which of the following is not an action of ethylene?

1. Induces leaf abscission

2. Inhibits root hair growth - decreasing the efficiency of water and mineral absorption

3. Induces the growth of adventitious roots during flooding

4. Stimulates epinasty - leaf petiole grows out, leaf hangs down and curls into itself

The formation of interfascicular cambium in plants is due to:-

1. Non-differentiation
2. Re-differentiation
3. Differentiation
4. De-differentiation

Heterophyllous development due to environment is an example of:-

1. Developmental noise
2. Norm of the reaction
3. Convergence
4. Plasticity

Gibberellic acid is a/an:-
1. lndole compound
2. Terpene
3. Adenine derivative
4. Carotenoid

The PGR used to initiate flowering and for synchronizing fruit-set in pineapples is:

1. Abscisic acid
2. Cytokinin
3. Auxin
4. Ethylene

Cytokinin does not help in:

1. Lateral shoot growth
2. Overcoming apical dominance
3. Adventitious shoot formation
4. Promoting leaf senescence

In most situations, which of the following acts as an antagonist to Gas?
1. ABA
2. IAA
3. Kinetin
4. Ethylene

Which of the following is the site for perception of light/dark in plants?
1. Root apex
2. Shoot apex
3. Leaves
4. Flower

A flash of red light followed by a flash of far-red light given during the middle of the night to a short-day plant will likely 
1. cause increased flower production.
2. have no effect upon flowering.
3. inhibit flowering.
4. stimulate flowering.

Both red and blue light are involved in?
1. stem elongation.
2. photoperiodism.
3. positive phototropism.
4. tracking seasons.