NEET Practice Questions - AIIMS - Aptitude - Fold Paper Cutting(Non Verbal)

  • Subject:

    AIIMS - Aptitude

  • Chapter:

    Fold Paper Cutting(Non Verbal)

Which of the following will give yellow precipitate with I2/NaOH?

1. CH3-CO-O-CO-CH3

4.Both (2) and (3)

A nitrogeneous substance X is treated with HNO2 and the product so formed is further treated with NaOH solution, which produces blue colouration. X can be

1. CH3CH2NH2



4 (CH3)2CHNO2

What is major product of following reaction ?

The compound which reacts fastest with Lucas reagent at room temperature is:
1. Butan-1-ol
2. Butan-2-ol
3. 2-methylpropan-1-ol
4. 2-methylpropan-2-ol

Methanol and ethanol can be distinguished by the following:
1. By reaction with metallic sodium
2. By reaction with caustic soda
3. By heating with iodine and washing soda
4. By heating with zinc and inorganic mineral acid

Identify (X) in the sequence :

C3H8O H2SO4K2Cr2O7 C3H6O WarmI2 +NaOH CHI3

(1) CH3-CH2-CH2OH


(3) CH3-O-CH2-CH3

(4) CH3-CH2-CHO

In order to accomplish the following conversion, what reagent and conditions would be required?

1. Cold sodium hydroxide

2. Hot conc. sodium hydroxide

3. Potassium tertiary butoxide and heat

4. Hot water

An amine is reacted with benzene sulphonyl chloride then a solid compound is formed which is insoluble in alkali. The amine is:

(a) CH3-CH2-NH2

(b) CH3-NH-CH2-CH3

(c) (CH3)3N

(d) C6H5-NH2

Which of the following will give positive carbylamine test?

1. N, N-diethyl aniline
2. N methyl propyl amine
3. N, N-diethyl butyl amine
4. 2, 4-dimethyl aniline

Victor Meyer Test is used for the distinguished of 1°, 2° and 3°

1) Alcohols

2) Alkyl halides

3) Nitro Compounds

4) All of these