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The graph between the resistive force F acting on a body and the distance covered by the body is shown in the figure. The mass of the body is 25 kg and initial velocity is 2 m/s. When the distance covered by the body is 4 m, its kinetic energy would be    [This question is only for Dropper and XII batch]

1. 50 J

2. 40 J

3. 20 J

4. 10 J

Concept Videos :-

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Concept Questions :-

Initial kinetic energy of the body =12mu2 =12×25×22=50 J

Final kinetic energy= Initial energy - work done against resistive force (Area between graph and displacement axis)
= 50-12×4×20 =50-40 =10 J

If kinetic energy of the body increases, work is positive i.e. body moves in the direction of the force (or field) and if kinetic energy decreases work will negative and object will move opposite to the force (or field).

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