NEET Chemistry The p-Block Elements (XII) Questions Solved

A yellow metallic powder is burnt in a stream of fluorine to obtain a colourless gas X which is thermally stable and chemically inert. Its molecule has octahedral geometry. Another colourless gas Y with same constituent atoms as that of X is obtained when sulphur dichloride is heated with sodium fluoride. Its molecule has triangular pyramidal structure X and Y are

(A) SF4 and S2F2

(B)  SF6 and  SF4 

(C) NaF and NaCl

(D)  SF4 and SF6 

S+3F2SF6(X) colourless gasSCl2 +4NaF  SF4(Y) +S2Cl2 +4NaCl

SF4 has trigonal pyramidal shape due to sp3d hybridisation. SF6 is octahedral due to sp3d2 hybridisation. Sulphur has S8 molecular geometry

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