NEET Physics Thermodynamics Questions Solved

A reversible engine converts one-sixth of the heat input into work. When the temperature of the sink is reduced by 62°C, the efficiency of the engine is doubled. The temperatures of the source and sink are -

(1) 80°C, 37°C

(2) 95°C, 28°C

(3) 90°C, 37°C

(4) 99°C, 37°C

(4) Initially η=1T2T1=WQ=16  ...(i)

Finally η'=1T2'T1=1(T262)T1=1T2T1+62T1

=η+62T1 ....(ii)

It is given that η'=2η. Hence solving equation (i) and (ii)

T1=372K=99°C and T2=310K=37°C

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