NEET Zoology Neural Control and Coordination Questions Solved

These are the events of hearing mechanism. Arrange them in order.
a. Impulse transmission by afferent fibres via auditory nerves to the auditory cortex of the brain
b. Analysis of impulses
c. Recognition of sound
d. Passing of vibrations through oval window on to the fluid of cochlea
e. Induction of ripple in Basilar membrane
f. Receiving of sound waves and directing them to ear drum
g. Transmission of vibration through ear ossicles to oval window
h. Vibration of ear drum in response to sound waves
i. Generation of waves in the lymph of cochlea
j. Basilar membrane moves
k. Bending of hair cell
l. Impulses are generated in the associated afferent neuron
m. Pressing of hair against the Tectorial membrane
1. f-h-g-e-j-k-d-i-c-b-a-l-m
2. f-i-e-h-g-d-j-m-k-l-a-b-c
3. f-d-h-g-i-j-e-k-m-l-a-c-b
4. f-h-g-d-i-e-j-k-m-l-a-b-c

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