NEET Physics Current Electricity Questions Solved

NEET - 2008

In the circuit shown, the current through the 4 Ω resistor is 1 A when the points P and M are connected to a DC voltage source. The potential difference  between the points M and N is 

(a) 1.5 V 

(b) 1.0 V

(c) 0.5 V 

(d) 3.2 V

In parallel resistances, potential difference across PM

                       V=4×1=4 volt (i.e, across 4 Ω)

Equivalent resitance of lower side arm, 

                     Req=1+0.5×0.50.5+0.5=1.25 Ω

Now the circuit can be shown as 

Let current I flows in lower branch, so 1.25 I = 4 V 

or             I=41.25 =3.2 A

Therefore, 3.2 A current flows in 1 Ω resistance, hence potential difference between M and N is 

                       V'=3.2×1=3.2 volt 

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