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NEET - 2008

Two periodic waves of intensities  I1 and I2 pass through a region at the same time in the same direction. The sum of the maximum and  minimum intensities is 

(a) I1+I2

(b) I1+I22


(d) 2 I1+I2 


Resultant intensity of two periodic waves is given by 

           I=I1+I2+2I1I2 cos δ 

where δ is the phase differences between the waves.  

for maximum intensity,

   δ=2nπ ; n= 0,1,2....etc.

Therefore, for zero order maxima, cos δ=1


for minimum intensity , δ=2n-1 π;


 Therefore, for Ist order minma, cos δ=-1

      Imin =I1+I2-2 I1I2        = I1-I22Therefore , Imax+Imin=I1+I22+I1-I22                  =2I1+I2

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