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NEET - 2009

A wave in a string has an amplitude of 2 cm. The wave travels in the +ve direction of x-axis with a speed of 128 ms-1 and it is noted that 5 complete waves fit in 4 m length of the string. The equation describing the wave is

(a) y=0.02m sin 7.85x +1005 t 

(b) y=0.02m sin 15.7x -2010 t 

(c) y=0.02m sin 15.7x +2010 t 

(d) y=0.02m sin 7.85x -1005 t 

Key Idea  Find the parameters and put them in the general wave equation.

                 Here,        A=2 cm

                     direction = +ve direction

                                v=128 ms-1

     and               5λ=4Now,               k=2πλ=2π×54=7.85and                  v=ωk=128 ms-1                   ω=v×k=128×7.85                           =1005As,                   y=A sin (kx-ωt)                     y=2 sin (7.85 x-1005 t )                           =(0.02) m sin (7.85 x-1005 t )


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