NEET Physics Thermodynamics Questions Solved

NEET - 2011

A mass of diatomic gas (γ=1.4) at a pressure of 2 atm is compressed adiabatically so that its temperature rise from 27°C to 927°C. The pressure of the gas is final state is 

(a) 28 atm                                            (b) 68.7 atm

(c) 256 atm                                           (d) 8 atm

T1=273+27=300 kT2=273+927=1200 k 

Gas equation for adiabatic process


            PTPγγ-1= constant               (pV=RT)        P2P1=T2T1γγ-10r          P2=P1T2T1γγ-1              P2=212003001.41.4-1              P2=256 atm

Difficulty Level:

  • 11%
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