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NEET - 2012

Electron in hydrogen atom first jumps from third exicted state to second exicted state and then from second exicted to the first excited state. The ratio of the wavelengths λ1:λ2 emitted in the two cases is

(a) 7/5

(b) 27/20

(c) 27/5

(d) 20/7

Here, for wavelength λ1

n1=4 and n2=3

and for λ2, n1=3 and n2=2 

We have hcλ=-13.61n22-1n12

So, for λ1


         hcλ1=13.67144                                ...(i)

Similarly, for λ2


         hcλ1=-13.6536                    ...(ii)

Hence, from Eqs. (i) and (ii), we get 


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