NEET Physics Thermodynamics Questions Solved

NEET - 2015

Figure below shows two paths that may be taken by a gas to go from a state A to a state C. In process AB, 400 J of heat is added to the system and in process BC, 100 J of heat is added to the system. The heat absorbed by the system in the process AC will be-

(a) 380 J 
(b) 500 J
(c) 460 J
(d) 300 J

Since, initial and final points are same

So, UABC = UAC                                                ........iAlso AB is isochoric processSo   WAB=0and   Q=U+WSo,   QAB=UAB=400 JNext  BC is isobaric process.So,   QBC=UBC+WBC                       = UBC+PVBC     100=UBC+6×104 2×10-3      UBC=100-120 =-20 JFrom Equation (i):       UABC=UAC UAB+UBC = QAC-WAC 400+-20=QAC-Area under AC QAC=380+2×104×2×10-3+12×2×10-3×4×104                   =380+40+40    QAC=460 J

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