Match the corresponding entries of Column 1 with Column 2. [Where m is the magnification produced by the mirror]

Column 1                         Column 2 
A. m=-2                     a. Convex mirror   
B. m=-1/2                  b. Concave mirror
C. m=+2                    c. Real image
D. m=+1/2                 d. Virtual Image

(a)A->a and c;B->a and d; C->a and b; D->c and d
(b)A->a and d; B->b and c; C->b and d; D-> b and c
(c)A->c and d; B->b and d;C->b and c;D->a and d
(d)A->b and c; B->b and c; C->b and d; D->a and d

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