NEET Physics Kinetic Theory of Gases Questions Solved

NEET - 2016

The molecules of a given mass of a gas have r.m.s, velocity of 200 ms-1 at 27°C and 1.0 x 105 Nm-2 pressure. When the temperature and pressure of the gas are respectively, 127°C and 0.05 X 10Nm-2 the rms velocity of its molecules in   ms-1 is

(a)400/√3         (b)100√2/3

(c)100/3            (d)100√2

(a) It is given that
Vrms=200 ms-1,T1=300K,P1=105 N/m2
T2=400K,P2=0.05X105 N/m2
As, rms velocity of gas molecules,
∴ Vrms  ∝ √T     (∴ Vrms=√3RT/m)

For two different cases
=> (Vrms)1/(Vrms)2=√T1/T2

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