NEET Physics Thermodynamics Questions Solved

NEET - 2017

A carnot engine having an efficiency of110th of heat engine, is used as a refrigerator. If the work done on the system is 10 J, the amount of energy absorbed from the reservoir at lower temperature is -

(a) 1 J

(b) 90 J

(c) 99 J

(d0 100 J 

(b) Consider schematic diagram for a carnot engine as shown below. 


 In case of engine,

engine efficiency=work heat absorbed =Wq1


  10 Jq1=110


when this engine is reversed, it takes in work W and heat q2 from cold reservoir and rejects 100 J of heat to hot reservoir.


     W+q2=q1  10+q2=100or    q2=90J


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