NEET Botany Reproduction in Organisms Questions Solved

Match the following

(P) Fission                   (i) Ulothrix, Saprolegnia

(Q) Budding               (ii) Oedogonium, Chlamydomonas

(R) Fragmentation   (iii) Algal, Fungi, Monera

(S) Sporulation        (iv) Dictyota, Fucus, Protosiphon

(A) P-i, Q-ii,R-iii, S-iv

(B) P-ii, Q-iii, R-iv, S-i

(C) P-iii, Q-iv, R-i, S-ii

(D) P-iii, Q-iR-ii, S-iv


P-5, Point 1.1

Difficulty Level:

  • 13%
  • 24%
  • 51%
  • 14%
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