NEET Botany Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions Solved

Column-I                           Column-II
I. Termination                    (A) Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase
II. Translation                    (B) Okazaki fragments
III. Transcription                (C) GTP dependent release factor
IV. DNA replication             (D) RNA polymerase
The correct match is:
(a) I - B, II - A, III - C, IV - D            (b) I - C, II - A, III - D, IV - B
(c) I - D, II - C, III - A, IV - B            (d) I - B, II - C, III - A, IV - D

  1. Termination: GTP dependent release factor recognises stop codon in translation and terminates the process of translation.
  2. Translation: Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase are enzymes that catalyse aminoacylation reaction by linking an amino acid to its cognate tRNA in translation.
  3. Transcription: Process of transcription is mediated (exonuclease activity) by RNA Polymerase in prokaryotes and RNA Polymerase I, II and III in eukaryotes.
  4. DNA replication: During semiconservative DNA replication, leading strand is continuous strand whereas lagging strand is discontinuous and is composed of Okazaki fragments.

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