NEET Botany Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions Solved

Column-I                                        Column-II
I. Operator site                               (A) Binding site for RNA polymerase
II. Promoter site                             (B) Binding site for repressor molecule
III. Structural gene                         (C) Codes for enzyme protein
IV. Regulator gene                          (D) Code for repressor molecules
The correct match is:
(a) I - B, II - A, III - C, IV - D          (b) I - B, II - A, III - D, IV - C
(c) I - D, II - C, III - A, IV - B          (d) I - B, II - C, III - A, IV - D

The above mentions sites and genes belong to lac operon.

  1. Operator site: Repressor binding
  2. Promoter site: RNA polymerase binding
  3. Structural gene: codes repressor molecules
  4. Regulator gene: codes proteins of enzymes


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