NEET Zoology Reproductive Health Questions Solved

Match the following:



A. Hepatitis B

(i) Vitamin E

B. Saheli

(ii) 7’ April, 1948

C. Normal functioning of reproductive organs

(iii) CDRI, Lucknow

D. World health organization

(iv) Detection of antibody/antigen

E. ELISA technique

(v) Hepatitis B Virus

(1) A - (v), B - (iii), C - (i), D - (ii), E - (iv)

(2) A - (v), B - (ii), C - (i), D - (iii), E - (iv)

(3) A - (v), B - (iii), C - (iv), D - (ii), E - (i)

(4) A - (v), B - (ii), C - (iv), D - (iii), E - (i)

(1) A. Hepatitis-B is caused by Hepatitis B virus.

B. Saheli is a contraceptive pill, developed by CDRI, Lucknow.

C. Vitamin E helps in normal functioning of the reproductive system.

D. April-7, 1948 was the day when constitution of WHO came into effect and this day is celebrated as World Health Day.

E. ELISA technique is used in diagnosis on the basis of antigen-antibody interaction.

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