NEET Zoology Reproductive Health Questions Solved

Match the following:



I.   Amniocentesis

A. Venereal disease

II.  Theory of human population

B. T. R. Malthus growth

III. Study of human population

C. Foetal sex determination

IV. Census act

D. Copper releasing IUDs

V. Reproductive tract infections

E. Barrier methods

VI. Vaults

F. Baby of infected person born blind

VII. Multiload 375

G. Loss of weight and pneumonia

VIII. Lippes loop

H. Non medicated IUDs

IX. Syphilis

I. Deformed joints and paralysis

X. Gonorrhoea

J. 1948


K. Demography

(1) (i) - C, (ii) - B, (iii) - K (iv) - J (v) - A, (vi) - E, (vii) - D, (Viii) - H, (ix) - I, (x) - F, (xi) – G

(2) (i) - A, (ii) - B, (iii) - C, (iv) - K, (v) - J, (vi) - E, (Vii) - D, (viii) - H, (ix) - I, (x) - F, (xi) – G

(3) (i) - C, (ii) - E, (iii) - J, (iv) - K, (v) - A, (Vi) - B, (Vii) - D, (viii) - H, (ix) - I, (x) - F, (xi) - G

(4) (i) - F, (ii) - G, (iii) - J, (iv) - K, (v) - I, (Vi) - E, (Vii) - D, (Viii) - H, (ix) - C, (x) - B, (xi) - A

(1) (i) Amniocentesis is a pre-natal foetal sex determination.

(ii) T.R. Malthus gave the theory of human population which relates exponential population growth and arithmetic food supply.

(iii) Study of human population is referred to as demography.

(iv) Census act of India came in 1948.

(v) Reproductive tract infections are also known as venereal diseases.

(vi) Vaults are barriers made of rubber that are inserted into the female reproductive tract to cover the cervix during coitus. They prevent conception by blocking the entry of sperms through the cervix.

(vii) Multiload 375 is a Cu releasing IUD in which Cu ions released suppress sperm motility and the fertilising capacity of sperms.

(viii) Lippes and loops are non-medicated type of IUDs.

(ix) In syphilis, joints get deformed and even paralysis may occur.

(x) A child of person suffering from Gonorrhoea is born blind.

(xi) Loss of weight, immunity and pneumonia occur in AIDS.

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