NEET Zoology Reproductive Health Questions Solved

Following statements are given regarding MTP. Choose the correct options given below:

I. MTPs are generally advised during first trimester

II. MTPs are used as a contraceptive method

III. MTPs are always surgical

IV. MTPs require the assistance of qualified medical personnel

(1) I and III

(2) II and III

(3) I and IV

(4) I and II


I. MTPs are considered relatively safe during the first trimester, i.e., upto 12 weeks of pregnancy. Second trimester abortions are much more riskier.

II. MTPs are not used as a contraceptive method to get rid of unwanted pregnancies either due to casual unprotected intercourse or failure of the contraceptive used during coitus or rapes. MTPs are also essential in certain cases where continuation of the pregnancy could be harmful or even fatal either to the mother or to the foetus or both.

III. MTPs are not always surgical, sometimes oral contraceptives are helpful.

IV. MTPs conducted under unqualified doctors are illegal.


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