NEET Zoology Digestion and Absorption Questions Solved

If for some reason the parietal cells of the gastric epithelium become partially non-functional, what is likely to happen?

(1) The pancreatic enzymes and specially the trypsin and lipase will not work efficiently

(2) The pH of stomach will fall abruptly

(3) Steapsin be more effective

(4) Proteins will not be adequately hydrolysed by pepsin into proteoses and peptones

Audio Explanation:

(4) Parietal or oxyntic cells present in mucosa of stomach secrete HCl and intrinsic factor (factor essential for absorption of vitamin B12). If these cells become partially non-functional, then HCl would not be secreted in adequate amounts, thus it would not allow the conversion of pepsinogen to pepsin which converts proteins into proteoses and peptones. (page-262).

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