NEET Zoology Digestion and Absorption Questions Solved

Which of the following statement is wrong about chylomicrons?

I. Chylomicrons are produced in the epithelial cells of small intestinal

II. It contains triglycerides, cholesterol and phospholipids

III. It is protein coated small vesicles

IV. Chylomicrons released from the epithelial cell into lacteals

(1) I and IV

(2) II and III

(3) I, II, III and IV 

(4) None of the above

Audio Explanation:

(4) Fatty acids and glycerol are first incorporated into small droplets called micelles which move into the intestinal mucosa. They are re-formed into very small protein coated fat globules called the chylomicrons which are transported into the lymph vessels (lacteals) in the villi. These lymph vessels ultimately release the absorbed substances into the blood stream. (page- 265)

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