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Which of the following is not a chromophore?

(a) —N=N—

(b) —NO

(c) —NO2

(d) —NH2

(d) A dye molecule is made up of two different parts (i) Chromophore (Greek : chroma = colour, phoros = bearing) and (ii) Auxochromes (Greek : auxo = increase, chroma = colour). The groups which produce colour in a compound, i.e., chromophores are usual unsaturated groups like nitro.nitroso, azo, azoxy, carbonyl and olefinic bonds. Auxochromes are usually acidic / basic functional groups like —OH, —COOH, —SO3H, —NH2, - -NHR1 —:NR2.

A compound containing only a chromophore may be a coloured material but not a dye, e.g., azobenzene is red coloured but not a dye whereas p-aminoazobenzene (aniline yellow) is a dye.

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