NEET Botany Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions Solved

hn-RNA undergoes two additional processing. Out of which, in one of them an unusual nucleotide (methyl guanosine triphosphate) is added to the 5’-end of hnRNA. This is known as

(1) capping

(2) tailing

(3) splicing

(4) termination

(1) Heterogeneous nuclear RNA (hnRNA) undergo two additional processing known as capping and tailing. In Capping an unusual nucleotide (methyl guanosinetriphosphate) is added to the 5’ end of hnRNA. In tailing, a adenlate residues (200-300) are added at 3’ end in template independent manner. In splicing, intorns are removed and exons are joined in a definite order.

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