NEET Botany Biodiversity and Conservation Questions Solved

AIIMS - 2013

Different varieties of Indian mangoes are most popular in Western and some other European countries. The varieties with different flavour, colour, sugar and fleshy content is due to
(a) genetic diversity
(b) species diversity
(c) induced mutation
(d) hybridisation

(a) Genetic diversity is the basis of formation of new species of fruit like mango with different flavour colour, fibre content, sugar content. The greator is the genetic diversity of a species, the higher is its efficiency to adapt. The variation in the constitution of genes of a species, constitute genetic diversity of that species. So due to the genetic diversity, natural selection can operate in process of evolution.

The species diversity of any region is determined by various species of habitat. When the process of mutation can be achieved artificially, it is termed as induced mutation.

Hybridisation is the procuction of one or more hybrid organism by crossing of genetically different parents.

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