NEET Botany Plant Growth and Development Questions Solved

AIIMS - 2016

One hormone hastens maturity period in juvenile conifers, a second hormone controls xylem differentiation, while the third hormone increases the tolerance of plants to various stresses.They are respectively:-

(a) Gibberellin, Auxin, Ethylene

(b) Auxin, Gibberellin, Cytokinin

(c) Gibberellin, Auxin, ABA

(d) Auxin, Gibberellin, ABA

Audio Explanation:

(c) Spraying juvenile conifers with gibberellins hastens their maturity period, thus leading to early seed production. Auxin controls xylem differentiation. Abscisic acid (ABA) increases the tolerance of plants to various kinds of stresses therefore, is also known as stress hormone.

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