NEET Zoology Biomolecules Questions Solved

AIIMS - 2015

Match Column - I with Column -II and select the correct option from codes given below.

          Column-I                               Column-II

A. Pigments                           (i) Abrin, ricin

B. Toxins                               (ii) Concanavalin A

C. Alkaloids                           (iii) Carotenoids

D. Lectins                              (iv) Morphine, codeine

(a) A-(iv), B-(iii), C-(i), D-(ii)

(b) A-(ii), B-(iv), C-(i), D-(iii)

(c) A-(iii), B-(i), C-(iv),D-(ii)

(d) A-(i), B-(ii), C-(iii), D-(iv)

(c) Carotenoids are a group of yellow, brown to reddish pigments. These are of two types - carotenes and xanthophiles, and serve as accessory photosynthetic pigments. Abrin and ricin are natural protein toxins isolated from plant seeds i.e., they are phytotoxins. Concanavalin A is a lectin (carbohydrate -binding protein) originally extracted from the jack-bean, Canavalia ensiformis. Morphine and codeine are alkaloids derived from opium, and are called opioid narcotics.

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