NEET Zoology Biotechnology Principles and Processes Questions Solved

AIIMS - 2013

Which of the following is a palindromic sequence?

(a) 5'-CGTATG-3'           (b) 5'-CGAATG-3'

     3'-GCATAC-5'                 3'-CGAATG-5'

(C) 5'-GAATTC-3'           (d) 5'-GACTAC-3'

     3'-CTTAAG-5'                 3'-TACGAC-5'



(c) The palindromes in DNA are base pair sequences that the same when read forward (left to right) or backward (right to left) from a central axis of symmetry. The following sequence reads the same on the two strands in 5'3' direction. This is also true when we read in the 3'5' direction.

Restriction endonucleases enzymes recognize palindromic sequences in DNA and cut them.


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