After double fertilizaton, a mature ovule has

(1) 1 diploid and 1 haploid cell

(2) 1 diploid and 1 triploid cell

(3) 2 haploid and 1 triploid cell

(4) 1 haploid and 1 triploid cell

(2) Double fetilizaton is the fusion of two male gametes brought about by a pollen tube fusing to two differnt cells of the same female gametophyte in order to produce two different structures. It is found only in angiosperms. In angiosperms, the pollen tube bursts oepn in one of the two synergids to release the two male gametes. One male gamete fuses with the egg or oosphere to form a diploid zygote or oospore. It is called generative fertilization. The second male gamete descends down and fuses with the diplod secondary nucleus of the central cell to form a triploid primay endosperm cell. It Is known as vegetative fertilization. thus, after double fertilizaton, a mature angiospermous ovule contains one diploid cell (zygote) and one triploid cell (endosperm). The haploid cells of the ovule such as antipodals and synergids degenerate after fertilization.

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