Match the following columns and select the correct option.

  Column I   Column II
A. Panthera tigris
(i) Mango
B. Mangifera indica
(ii) Common Indian frog
C. Musca domestica
(iii) Cockroach
D. Periplaneta americana
(iv) Tiger
E. Rana tigerina
(v) House fly

(1) A - (ii), B - (v), C - (i), D - (iii), E - (iv)

(2) A - (iv), B - (i), C - (v), D - (iii), E - (ii)

(3) A - (ii), B - (v), C - (iii), D - (i), E - (iv)

(4) A - (iv), B - (i), C - (v), D - (ii), E - (iii)

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