NEET Zoology Biotechnology Principles and Processes Questions Solved

AIIMS - 2010

Recombinant DNA technology involves several steps in which initial step is of isolation of the DNA. Which enzymes are used in the process for the breakdown of fungal cell, plant cell and bacterial cell respectively?

(a) Lysozyme, lipases, trypsin

(b) Chitinase, cellulase, lysozyme

(c) Chitinase, cellulase, trypsin

(d) Trypsin, lipases, cellulase

(b) Processes of recombinant DNA technology involves isolation of DNA of desired DNA fragment. In order to cut the DNA with restriction enzymes, it needs to be in its pure form, free from other macro molecules. The DNA is enclosed within the membranes, we have to break the cell open to release DNA along with other macromolecules such as RNA, proteins, polysaccharides and also lipids. This can be achieved by treating the bacterial cells/plant or animal tissue with enzymes such as lysozyme (bacteria), cellulase (plant cells), chitinase (fungus). The RNA can be removed by treatement with ribonulease whereas proteins can be removed by treatment with protease.

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