NEET Botany Biological Classification Questions Solved

Protista differs from monera in having

(1) cell wall

(2) autotrophic nutrition

(3) flagella

(4) nuclear membrane

Audio Explanation:

(4) All single-celled eukaryotes are placed under protista. Phylogenetically the kingdom protista acts as a connecting link between the prokaryotic kingdom - Monera and the complex multicellular kingdomes - Fungi, Plantae and Animalia.

Being eukaryotes, the protistan cell body contains a well defined nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles. It is surrounded by plasmalemma (cell membrane). Cilia and flagella occur in a number of forms. Nucleus has typical structure - porous nuclear envelope, chromatin, nucleolus and nucleoplasm.

Monerans lack nuclear membrane.

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